Pereła Baroku - Koncerty Mistrzów

About Festival

The idea of this Festival was born in the summer of 2007. It arose from the admiration of the splendor of the beautiful Holy Trinity basilica in Kobyłka. And also from the love of music and art and the desire to share these sensations. The desire had to turn into action. The entire effort, from phone calls, letters, requests, first tries – all the way to ideas rejected and accepted – commenced in Gdansk, the city where I used to live at that time.
But a relocation was in the works. Although the construction of the house in Kobyłka was not completed then, a laptop was placed in its unfinished interior and a concert gown became its sole decor. And so in May of 2008 the endeavor became known to the world and the First International Festival “The Pearl of Baroque – Masters’ Concerts” finally took place.

During the first edition, the festival was being called “the most important event in decades” by the press and often “the center point of cultural Europe.” Up till now the press articles on the festival have been circulating in several millions of copies. Presently, one of the most important factors contributing to the event’s popularity is the extraordinary atmosphere at the concerts, delighting not only the audience, but also the artists attending the festival. Although many of them used to perform at the world’s most esteemed concert halls, after the concert at this Festival they would state that “it was the best concert of my life”.

Already during the second edition in 2009, a documentary film about the Festival was produced and broadcast on TVP Kultura. More than a hundred artists have appeared here, among them winners of Grammy Awards, Midem Classical Awards, Diapason d’Or, Gramophone, Telerama and other highly prestigious phonographic honors, as well as various winners of world music competitions.

Baroque music sounds superbly in Kobyłka, but it is the presence of the various Masters, representing more than one style, that is the guiding principle of the Festival’s concerts. Here you can enjoy music ranging from medieval pieces to jazz and flamenco, while the performing artists have always been selected because of their outstanding artistic personality.

Over the past 10 editions we used to meet at the beginning of summer. In 2018, The PERLA BAROKU® will be held for the first time in early Fall, as September turns into October. It is a beautiful time of the year…

Please come see us. Experience and hear what we feel.

You are cordially invited.
Anna Szarek
Festival concerts take place in the interior of the Baroque church of the Holy Trinity – as a historical record would have it – “situated two land miles from Praga”, near Kobyłka, in suburban Warsaw. The church has a unique architecture and is considered one of the most beautiful baroque churches not only in Poland, but also in Europe. A great part of the Festival’s mission has always been to show to the world the beauty of that historical shrine.